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About OdysseyWEB...

I started OdysseyWEB as a small local business in Bristol, quite simply because I enjoy, and am really passionate about designing, developing and hosting websites that are very cost-effective and making them available to all.  Not everyone can afford, or actually needs, a hugely expensive website but, as we all know, in today’s busy and engaging society – whether that be business, education, leisure or pleasure – we all quite naturally turn to the Internet for information, comments, interaction, or just to be reassured that something exists (or does not, as the case may be!)  When was the last time you turned to the Yellow Pages, or your ‘Local’ magazine for information..?  Would you even consider paying their huge fees to advertise in them?  I naturally, guess not.

Simple, clear, concise and effective websites are the way forward, it is what we expect and as a business or organisation, need to make ourselves freely available to those searching for our services… with ease.  Once we land on the ‘Home Page’ we want to know if it’s worth looking any further, did we find what we wanted, are we drawn in, is there “…a call to action”...?


A few of the skills we possess...

Web Design



Logo Design


At OdysseyWEB we pride ourselves in offering a humanistic approach to business services that are affordable and sensible, assisting a whole variety of organisations to become firmly established and to get over their early years of operating.

Our primary focus:

Offering a series of comprehensive bespoke website design services, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and email accounts tailored in stages to suit you and your budget…

It may be that you are thinking of Branding and Design throughout your organisation, this may include email footers, social media images, headers and footers…

If you are a Small Business, a Start-Up, a Sole Trader, a Trade, a Professional, a Limited Company or Partnership, a Charity, a Community Interest Company (CIC) , a Club or maybe planning a Wedding - then there are many pitfalls along the way which I can help you to avoid and point you in the right direction(s) with the appropriate advisors…

Or some smart matching Stationery, in the form of Business Cards, Letterheads, Compliment Slips and Flyers etc… these may often come as part of your Branding or re-Branding process… I am happy to chat with you out of ‘normal business hours’ by prior arrangement, so as to offer potential customers and current clients the opportunity of calling at a more convenient time.  My customers value what I have to offer and see me as a very valuable part of their awareness and marketing process.  Once a year, I offer a complete overhaul of your website with you, as it may be that your business needs or the trends, have changed.

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